Being established for over a decade, We become a cornerstone in the community for our customers’ furniture needs. Whether it is new furniture or complete furniture repair, restoration of wood or upholstery, or restoring value

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To achieve the beauty of home interior decoration, it is not necessary to have a large amount of space or spend huge amounts of money. Enough of having a sense of taste that can help you transform your interior beyond recogniton

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With light, a modern room can provide not only wide windows but also properly selected artificial interior lighting. Lamps are chosen in the same style with the rest of the design elements It also helps the area of space.

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One of the most important items in the field of finishing is paints that work to show the work creatively and beautifully, and other items also appear distinctly so we take care of everything new in the world of colors

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Marble is used in decoration works that give a sense of sophistication and distinction. From the nature of marble, it is very solid, is heat resistant and has the strength to resist waste and dust, and is used in floor covering.

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jepson board

We do Jepson board work with accuracy and high quality and we are distinguished by choosing the appropriate shapes and sizes for the unit and utilizing spaces appropriately. Its diversity and distinctive many shapes.

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A turnkey solution is a type of system built end-to-end for a customer that can be easily implemented into a current business process. It is immediately ready to use upon implementation and is designed to fulfill a certain process

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We have a long tradition of providing high-quality cutting services on our CNC machines. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom and semi-custom finished goods, components and cut-to-size panels

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Simply coordinating and beautifying the site is divided into hard and soft scape. Hardscape includes the work of ground leveling - curbstone - walkers - pergolas - lakes - waterfalls - fountains - lighting - electricity and irrigation networks.

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We install ceramics and porcelain according to the principles of the industry, being careful not to waste materials. One of the most important items that give a comfortable and beautiful shape to the unit is choosing

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3D & AutoCAD

A process of creating a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions by using special software is called 3D modeling. A 3D model can even be represented as a two-dimensional image

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Best Materials

In addition to top-quality application equipment, you may need some of the painting tools and painting materials listed below in order to successfully complete your painting project. If you are like many homeowners, you already own some of these items.

Latest Designs

Building houses needs good planning from start to finish and patience to get the desired result, and it also needs accurate calculation of the material cost and saving it so that we do not have to cancel many details during work that affect the final result.


Price that provides the best total value comprising of availability, delivery time, fitness for purpose, payment terms, quality, quantity, and service.

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Book a free design consultation and we'll discuss your project and determine new step. I know finding and hiring the right designer is hard.

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We have an excellent team of experienced agents, each of them specializing in particular types of support.

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A good foundation gives a good end result, as well as a proper layout.

About New Step Inspiration

At the stage of laying and digging the foundations, all details and activities that will depend on the construction are planned later, including the used paint and accessories. A good foundation gives a good end result, as well as a proper layout of the doors and windows places that make it easy for us to install them. After the construction is completed, the finishes begin, and at this stage the house is painted with a basic layer, the windows and doors have been installed, and then the interior design and the installation of accessories and furniture begin. At the same time, we can follow the final touches outside.

We move to the house from the inside, and it becomes clear to us how modern, elegant and practical room furniture looks at the same time with choosing more than one color style for the furniture to fill the room with an atmosphere of liveliness and enjoyment among family members.

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