New Step Inspiration

At the stage of laying and digging the foundations, all details and activities that will depend on the construction are planned later, including the used paint and accessories. A good foundation gives a good end result, as well as a proper layout of the doors and windows places that make it easy for us to install them. After the construction is completed, the finishes begin, and at this stage the house is painted with a basic layer, the windows and doors have been installed, and then the interior design and the installation of accessories and furniture begin. At the same time, we can follow the final touches outside.

We move to the house from the inside, and it becomes clear to us how modern, elegant and practical room furniture looks at the same time with choosing more than one color style for the furniture to fill the room with an atmosphere of liveliness and enjoyment among family members.


Yasser Sayed Ali

General Manager


Ahmed Shouhdi



Moataz El Behiry


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